Here’s what the first 90 days at the company is like


By Victorria Barreras, PharmaLogics Onsite Recruiter

Recruiting is a rewarding job and continues to be stimulating. You truly build relationships with candidates and hiring managers as you facilitate the interview process, and become invested in their success. My previous career experience and competitive streak led me to pursue an open Executive Recruiter position at PharmaLogics Recruiting; subsequently, I joined the team in February 2021. 

Transferable skills such as time management, effective communication, and leadership experience demonstrated that I would be a competent independent contributor to the life sciences recruitment team. The interview process convinced me; I could tell from my first conversation that PharmaLogics was a place I could bring my whole self to work. Here is what the first 90 days at PharmLogics Recruiting is like. 

Starting with the company 

I had an incredible amount of support from day one. The training was intensive but provided all the necessary fundamentals to succeed. In addition to thorough onboarding, PharmaLogics offers a supportive, encouraging culture that helps fill in the gaps in knowledge and experience along the way. I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing struggles without hesitation. I quickly learned on the job that transparency and vulnerability are positive attributes in a recruiter that help you become a stronger teammate.

Within my first 90 days I quickly learned how necessary the PharmaLogics core values are in order to thrive within the position. Remaining adaptable, innovative, collaborative, transparent, enthusiastic, and resilient has truly helped me lean into this field and develop quickly. Luckily, it is easy to be enthusiastic and resilient in this fast paced, ever-changing environment because of my peers. My coworkers are such a big part of why I love what I do. We constantly challenge each other to do better while acting as sounding boards for any issues or problems other team members may encounter.  I have noticed great strides in both personal and professional development thanks to the positive, collaborative environment cultivated by company leadership.

Learning on the job

As with any job, the longer you do it, the better you become at it. At PharmaLogics, this is compounded by the shared expertise you absorb from team meetings, during strategy sessions, and from shadowing more senior recruiters. I have seen an increase in both my efficiency and placement average in a short amount of time. I have found that being an attentive listener and staying curious have been major themes in my most fruitful interactions.

I tend to think of myself as an advocate for both my candidate and my hiring manager. I am equally concerned about both their needs and what they can offer each other. I want to be sure the culture fit is right as well as the technical skills to meet the business need. Setting both parties up for success is the ultimate goal! 

What I have gained

It’s so fulfilling knowing you are playing a part in getting lifesaving treatment to patients and placing innovative professionals that are changing the industry. It’s also a privilege to get to learn from these experts in their field. I learn so much everyday just from listening to life sciences experts discuss their technical background.

I learned so much in my first 90 days and have already been promoted within my first 6 months at the company! Recruiting is not for everyone, but I think joining the right company is a major factor in having a positive experience. If you want to join a fun company with kind coworkers that recognize your success and support your missteps, I highly recommend PharmaLogics!


About the Author: 

pharmalogics recruiter

Victorria is an Onsite Recruiter at PharmaLogics Recruiting. In addition to her recruitment experience, she has a varied background in nonprofit management and museum-quality fine art sales. She specializes in placing highly sought-after talent within a GMP environment. She lives in Braintree, MA with her two dogs. 

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