PharmaLogics is participating in the Boston Women’s Workforce Council (BWWC) 2021 Gender/Racial Wage Gap Measurement. Given that the wage gap is not merely a social issue, but an economic issue, this is an important step toward economic recovery and gender pay equity. 

In an effort to measure and eliminate wage gaps in the Greater Boston area, PharmaLogics and other participants also signed a 100% Talent Compact. This reflects a pledge to actively examine policies and work toward correcting any pay and advancement inequities. BWWC will anonymously collect, analyze, and report on 100% Talent Compact Signer employee data, allowing them to provide a community snapshot of progress being made. 

“We are proud to do our part in raising awareness about the gender and racial wage gap, and take action to help close it,” said PharmaLogics CEO Megan Lanham. “We are in the business of helping people find great jobs that achieve pay equity, so it is our duty to lead by example on this issue.” 

The BWWC uses the data it collects to share best practices that aim to eliminate the pay gap and work toward pay equity, which is published each year. The interventions in the most recent report have been proven to narrow the gender/racial wage gap, especially in light of challenges working women have faced in the year of COVID-19. Download 2020 BWWC Interventions Report.

Learn more on the BWWC website: Pay Equity — Boston Women’s Workforce Council (

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